About us 

CEO greetings

As a comprehensive PE piping manufacturing company
COSMOIND Co., Ltd. provide one stop service for improved comfort and trust of customers. 

I would like to welcome you all to COSMOIND’s website. COSMOIND, as the only comprehensive PE piping manufacturing company in Korea, we are always doing our best to think together and present solution of customer’s problem. We have been manufacturing high-quality products such as PE pipe, BF fittings, EF fittings, Ball valves, and installation tools and supplying these high-quality products to domestic Gas and Water piping industry.
Based on such long experience in the domestic market, we have been exporting all products to the United States, Japan, South America, Middle East, Australia, Russia more than 10 years, and getting the recognition from the world. 

As considering what the customer needs and manufacturing and supplying high quality products, we will fulfill the all responsibility of a comprehensive PE piping suppler. We also will concentrate the R&D to present new value to customer. 

Once again, I really thank you so much visiting COSMOIND’s website and please give us your interest and support constantly. 

CEO Young Suk Shin 



  • 2021. 11    Minister prize awarded for world standards day
  • 2021. 04    selected as a Small Giant company of Korea


  • 2020. 10    Acquired certificate of procurement goods quality assurance of PE pipe for water 
  • 2019. 12    Awarded the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower from Korea International Trade Association 
  • 2019. 10    Acquired certificate of procurement spare goods quality assurance of PE pipe for water 
  • 2018. 04    Main-Biz Designation
  • 2017. 12    G-PASS Designation 
  • 2017. 09    Acquired NSF certificate for fittings for water and ball valves 
  • 2017. 08    Exporting EF fitting mold and mass production technology to Bolivia 
  • 2015. 04    Acquired CE certificate of PE ball valves for gas 
  • 2015. 01    Acquired KS certificate for PE ball valves for gas and water 
  • 2014. 04    Acquired ISO 14001 


  • 2013. 06    Electrically-fused joints exported to Duke Energy Company of the United States 
  • 2013. 05    Obtained research project from Government. 
  • 2013. 02    Established the affiliated laboratory of COSMOIND Co., Ltd.
  • 2013. 01    Changed company name to COSMOIND Co., Ltd.
  • 2012. 10    Transfer of mold and fittings mass production technology to China 
  • 2011. 12    Acquired certificate of Hygiene and safety standards 
  • 2011. 05    Move place of business to Sejong 


  • 2010. 08    Acquired INNO-BIZ 
  • 2008. 08    Acquired venture company certificate 
  • 2007. 04    Acquired KS M ISO 8085-2 of PE fittings for gas
                       Acquired KS M ISO 8085-3 of PE fittings for gas 
  • 2006. 09    Environmental New Technology No. 182 certification 
  • 2003. 10    KS certificate of PE fittings for gas 


  • 1999. 08    KS certificate of PE fittings for water 
  • 1999. 06    Acquired ISO 9001
  • 1998. 06    screw and fusion type mold design and manufacturing
  • 1987. 05    Established the Dae Deok chemical Co., Ltd. 

Export status

  • USA, Japan, China, Australia, Taiwan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, UAE, Colombia, Bolivia