• COSMOIND’s quality system complies with ISO 9001, 14001.
  • COSMOIND’s Pipes are manufactured in accordance with domestic standard(KS M 3408-2, M 3514, M3400, KSM3407) and foreign standard(EN 1555-2, EN 12201-2, ISO 4427-2, ISO 4437-2, AWWA C 901, AWWA C 903)

& advantages

Stability and Hygiene

As the PE material is widely used globally because of its proven stability and hygiene. Especially, PE water pipe has the optimum condition for drinking water. 

Joint characteristics 

PE pipes are easy to be arranged quickly and perfectly by using various fusion method according to field condition. 


By superior flexibility and resilience, it has less constraint by land conditions, easy to construct, relatively safe in internal or external factors, and restorable by itself. 

Easy installation 

A variety of fittings for PE PIPE can be easy to weld even unskilled workers by using simple welding equipment. 

Corrosion Resistance 

PE pipes do not cause erosion or corrosion. 

Light weight 

PE pipe that is lighter than iron pipe is easy to carry and quickly to construction. 

Cold-weather resistance

Since the Polyethylene has excellent elasticity between molecules, it can maintain inherent durability even with a temperature change of 40ºC 

Chemical resistance 

Polyethylene is not corrosive to additives, alkalis, salts, etc. and does not multiply seaweed or bacteria, so it is safe from various corrosive substance. 

Flow characteristics 

The smooth inner surface of PE water pipes allows more amounts of fluid transportation than other material’s pipes with the same diameter. 

Abrasion Resistance 

PE pipe is also suitable for transfer piping in slurry and dredging pipeline in the mine by the superior abrasion resistance of PE. 

Impact Resistance 

PE pipes has superior resistance from external shocks in order to prevent water leak by damage on a pipe from an earthquake or land subsidence. 

Economical Efficiency 

Polyethylene’s material cost is more cheaper and it has lower maintenance cost than other pipe material.