A floating structure that facilitates the mooring of ships in a port where there is a difference in tides.

 Characteristic and Excellence

  • Safely protect ships from typhoons and waves.
  •  Floating structures applicable to fishing villages and fishing ports with large tidal differences.
  • Convenience of vessel access and shortening   of travel distance.

  • Fishing vessel berthing
  • Small and middle size of vessel berthing
  • Vessel berthing in areas with severe tidal differences


Water structures made for transporting and storing cargo in the sea, rivers, and canals.

 Characteristic and Excellence

  • It can be made in variouse sizes, shapes, and uses.
  • With its excellent buoyancy, it can be used for various purposes
  • Low cost of repairs and maintenance.

  • Ocean transportation and workbench
  • Marine garbage dump.
  • Red clay spray place for red tide control.

Wave Absorbing Facilities 

Wave absorbing facilities to protect ships from high wave

Solar Facilities

A water structure that stably floats solar facilities on water from typhoons and waves.

 Characteristic and Excellence

  • Marine floating structures with excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and plain water
  • Safely protect solar facilities from typhoons and waves
  • Convenience of vessel access for solar facilities maintenance

  • Floating facilities for solar module and frame
  • Creation of mid- and large-scale solar facilities